Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I want to start with an apology that I have not posted in so long! I started school and got really busy, but that is no excuse for letting my life become the mess it has.  I am posting today! (If you get annoyed with my random lack of posting follow me here on Pintrest I post there all the time.)
I wanted to tell you guys that I love you! Yep basically that is my only reason for posting, but I also wanted to tell you guys that I might get to be the costume design director for my schools upcoming play! I am so excited that I can hardly sit still. Halloween is also coming up soon which is adding to this nerdy excitement. With all this said there should be tons of costume posts coming between now and November. After the play I will be going to NEW YORK for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! So there will be at least one post full of pictures and telling some of my stories.   
The picture to the right is from the latest human video I was in. (I am the one on the right.) It was the very first drama To The King (our drama team) wrote unassisted. We had a blast and if you want to watch the video it is posted here

I hope you all have a great day and I love you!