Monday, June 20, 2011

Picture Frame to Jewelry Hanger

Recently I went to the Webster flee market with my family and got a picture fame to refurbish and use as a jewelry hanger for my room. I found the idea when just messing around on the web. So I’m going to try it.

Estimated time: 2 hours (includes time for paint to dry)

What you need:
·        * 2 colors of spray paint  
·         *Picture frame
·         *Hanging wire
·         *Hardware cloth
·         *Thick ribbon
·         *Tin snips
·         *Pliers
·         *Staple gun (make sure you have staples, I had to go back to the hardware store)
·         *Hammer

The frame I got had some damage, but I think that it will be perfect. My first step was so paint the whole frame in black so the gold won’t show through once I'm done. I simply used black spray paint. Step two was to spray paint the frame with the second color you chose. Mine was called nickel. I just did a thin coating on top of the black so that you could still see through it just a bit. (If you don’t want the antiqued look you can just use one color, but you still need to do to coats.)

After painting I took hardware cloth and cut it down to fit the back of the frame using tin snips. Then using a staple gun I attached it to the frame. Some of the staples didn’t go in all the way so I used a hammer to make sure they were secure.

I ran I ribbon through the back so it would hang. Then made hooks from wire to hang my necklaces from.

 The final product with necklaces and all (I'm sorry the picture isn't very good my camera battery was loosing       power and not taking good pictures )