Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break is Over

Well, spring break is over. It makes me sad to think that I have to return to school in less than 48 hours. I do believe that I was fairly productive over the week though. I got caught up in my math class, worked on Spanish, spent three days with my grandmother, when to the beach, and did a bunch of other things that don’t sound very interesting, but meant a lot to me.

There are two good things about returning to school Monday. One, I will get to see almost all of my lovely friends again. And two, there will only be 7 weeks left of school!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that returning to school will suck mainly because it requires you to wake up before noon.

School is almost over guys, we can do it!

PS. I have a couple more DIY posts I am planning to post soon. So keep your eye out.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Restoring Old Converse

Before vs After

         What you need:   
             - Dirty Converse
             -Tooth paste
            - Cup (Optional)


   1.) Put tooth paste on your toothbrush
         2.) Brush sections of the rubber
         3.)Wipe section clean with the rag
      (Repeat 1-3 as many times as necessary)
        4.) Color in faded spots with sharpie
        5.) Rub them with the rag after cleaning all of the rubber.  This will fade the two colors together.
         6.)   Enjoy your newly cleaned converse

        - Avoid the canvas when brushing the rubber. The toothpaste will fade it. 
        - Take the lases out and bleach them. (put them in the wash with your white clothes)
        - Use whitening toothpaste. Your shoes will get whiter faster.
       - Rinse out the toothbrush ever once and a while.