Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Christmas break!

It's Christmas break! I'm super excited for a two week break from school. The only thing I have to accomplish over these two weeks is finishing my Spanish and math classes (I take both of these classes on line). I might even manage to post a couple of times over the holiday, probably not, but maybe, just maybe.
Today was our last day of school for the semester. I finished my exams yesterday at noon, but I was still required to attend five hours of study halls, and a Christmas party. It was the crappiest Christmas party ever; they gave out cookies and then told us to go watch Elf in the auditorium. I don’t know if you know this, but I really don’t like watching Elf. I really don’t think it's that funny and don’t see why everyone gets so excited about it. Alli (one of my best friends) and I decided to go outside and swing instead of watching the movie. This was actually pretty fun until it got hot. Then we decided to go hang out with our awesome English teacher Mrs. Rich. At some point of my running around the school today I took off my new toms and lost them. I am pretty sure someone stole them. I almost cried when I couldn’t find them anywhere in the building.
On the bright side, one of the sweetest people I'm my class gave me this beautiful bracelet. It is a clip bangle with a gold heat in the middle that spells God. I was also given a goodie bag with candy and a pair of socks with snowmen on them.
Anyway, have a great Christmas everyone! Hopefully I will post again before the New Year, but just in case happy New Year too! 

You guys should also check out this song I love it!( )

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  1. YOU WROTE ABOUT ME IN YOUR BLOG POST!!! Hehe, that totally made my day. :)